About Us

About Us

Our journey started 16 years ago as a family company. At the moment we have about 2000 labour in our group of companies. Our group also deals with energy, warehousing and foodchain investments where core company and main investing company is Mil-May.

With our existing understanding of talent and quality since 2001, our ready to wear manufacturing and exporting firm has attained targeted projections, improving every year for last 16 years.

We earned customer satisfaction along with manufacturing chique, comfortable, practical, high standard and green products having eco and organic certifications.

Money can be made in any circumstance whereas our main aspect is gaining our employees, gaining customer satisfaction and eventually gaining value for our country.

Our ecological approach along with our understanding of quality makes us sustainable and stable. Briefly, our target as Mil-May is being technologically updated, contemporary in subsidiary materials and personal management, respectful towards all laws of countries which we manufacture for.

Our focus is moving forward to the future by keeping up with technological improvements, transforming our energy to power.

Our focus is manufacturing clothes that make people happy with an understanding of trends as well as research and development in the industry.

En önemli varlığımız nitelikli, gelişime açık ve tutkulu çalışanlarımızdır.

To enlarge the capacity, you need high quality labour, state of the art technology and correct. Quality control systems which we have obtained of textile production for 16 years.

We defined and executed our principles regarding human consciousness with a respect towards environment and our competitors.

very decision we make is common mind. Fast thinking, fast executing mindset of ours is planned so that our deadlines are met, with a knowledge that our customers will meet their deadlines. We take as principle avoiding irreversible faults in step by step supervision and see that supervision in manufacturing brings quality.

Our mission is to be a brand and to compete with those at the top. You’re late if you’re not preparing today for tomorrow.